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  • Secure flight data from an affordable and flexible aircraft

    Operate in rugged environments with data security and flexibility for future payload needs

  • See and do more with clear thermal and visible imagery plus FLIR MSX

    Real time, high-resolution imagery provides critical data for immediate decision support and post processing

  • Fly missions safely where and when needed

    Get in the air quickly without restrictive geofencing and fly for up to 31 minutes

SIRAS Controller Safety Bulletin

SIRAS Controller Safety Bulletin

We believe that there is a firmware programming gap within the SIRAS controller may affect the communication between the controller and the aircraft. This firmware issue could lead to unstable or uncontrollable flight of the aircraft.

All SIRAS systems that are using firmware version 1.16.46 and prior are potentially impacted. Please update your firmware.

Collision Avoidance
Front Facing Radar: up to 30 m, when flying <5 m/sec speed
Ground detection via underside sensors
Default Ground Speed
5 m/sec (11.2 mph)
Disconnect Return To Home
Foldable Props
Hover Accuracy
Vertical: ± 0.5 m (± 1.6 ft) Horizontal: ± 1.5 m (± 5 ft)
Ingress Protection
IP 54 (airframe, controller, and payload)
Maximum Ascent Speed
6 m/sec (13.4 mph)
Maximum Decent Speed
4 m/sec (9 mph)
Maximum Descent Speed
4 m/sec (9 mph)
Maximum Ground Speed
18 m/sec (40 mph)
Night Flight Beacons
Yes (red and white), on/off & blink options
Operating Environment
- 10°C to 40°C (10 °F to 104 °F)
Take Off Readiness
1 min after power ON
Weight [including battery]
3.1 kg (6.8 lb)
Wind Resistance
10 m/s (22.4 mph)
20% Battery Warning
Yes, visual and audio signal
Battery Power
6,000 mAh
Charging Temperature Range (Celsius)
5 °C to 50 °C (41 °F to 122 °F)
Charging Time
<45 min
Hot Swappable Batteries
Max Charging Current (A)
6 A
Maximum Flight Time
31 min (rated)
Maximum Hovering Time
28 min (rated)
Return To Home
Yes. 10% Battery
Storage Temperature And Humidity
Room temperature and <70% is recommended
Max Control Speed
120°/sec (pitch, pan, roll)
Maximum Rotational Range
Pan: ±90°; Pitch -120° to +30°
Plus / Minus 0.02°
Imaging & Optical
EO Camera Optics
Effective Focal Length (EFL) 4.8 mm, 67° HFOV, F/# 1/2.3
EO Camera Resolution
16 MP with 20 MP mapping mode, 128x zoom
Yes, photo mode only.
IR Camera Optics
Effective Focal Length (EFL) 13.6mm, 32° HFOV, F/# 1.0
IR Camera Resolution
640 x 512, radiometric, 5x zoom
IR Video Frame Rate
60 Hz
Radiometric Features
Spot meter, Isotherms, Region of Interest (ROI)
Li-Ion 4S
Remote Controller And Transmission
Built-In Battery
210 min
Display Brightness
1,000 lumens
Display Latency
<1 sec
Mode 2 (default)
Operating Distance
9 km (6 miles) - zero interference and no obstructions 3.2 km (2 miles) is typical limit in most settings
Operating Frequency
Dual Ban: 2.4 GHz / 5.8 GHz
Transmission Quality
1080P, 30 fps
Internal Storage
Formatted 64 GB micro SD (provided with aircraft)
SD Storage
1 GB
Media Gallery
How the New SIRAS UAV is Built for Your Mission
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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

The information contained in this page pertains to products that may be subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (22 C.F.R. Sections 120-130) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (15 C.F.R. Sections 730-774) depending upon specifications for the final product; jurisdiction and classification will be provided upon request.