Shipboard HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System

SeaFLIR® 280-HD

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SeaFLIR 280-HD is a high performance maritime imaging system designed to identify and track smugglers, terrorists, or any other threat – day and night, and on the roughest seas. With all-HD imaging and powerful optics on the thermal imaging payload as well as the daylight and lowlight camera payloads, SeaFLIR 280-HD reveals the details necessary for long-range vessel detection, identification, and threat assessment. It’s reliable and ready for real-time, long-range target detection, identification, and tracking at high fidelity for multiple maritime mission scenarios.

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Optimized for maritime surveillance

  • High Definition Imaging Payloads

    HD IR with 20x optical zoom identifies thermal targets at longer ranges. HD daylight/lowlight cameras provide extra visible detail.

  • Multiple Laser Payload Options

    NIR and SWIR laser pointer and illuminator for night vision or SWIR capability. Eyesafe laser rangefinder enables geodetic functions.

  • Internal Navigation System

    Determine and disseminate target location coordinates, or slave other systems to targets identified by the imagers.

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Export Restrictions

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SeaFLIR® 280-HD