HOT MWIR Camera Module + Continuous Zoom Lens

Neutrino® IS Series

Model: Neutrino LC - CZ 19-290
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Neutrino IS series combines Teledyne FLIR’s world-class mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) OEM camera modules and continuous zoom (CZ) lenses to offer high–performance imaging solutions with various FPA resolutions and CZ zoom/FOV ranges. Neutrino IS lowers development and manufacturing risk and improves time-to-market. Cutting-edge HOT FPAs, long life and low vibration linear coolers, common camera interfaces, and fully athermalized lenses make for the best-in-class solution. Each camera module and lens are designed for each other, providing optimal performance not achievable when buying and integrating cameras and lenses from multiple sources.

Teledyne FLIR Neutrino IS series is simply the best technical solution available. With nearly off-the-shelf delivery, industry-leading two-year warranty, real price competitiveness and well-known product support and product reliability, it offers the lowest risk solution. The Neutrino IS is an OEM camera module that is intended to be integrated into a higher level system.

Superior Performance, Faster Time to Market

  • Multiple MWIR Imaging Solutions

    Multiple configurations from one manufacturer simplifies product development and production, providing higher value and lower risk.

  • Seamless Opto-Mechanical Integration

    Cameras and lenses designed for each other for optimum performance and compatibility.

  • Market Leading MWIR CZ Optics and Cameras

    World class performance, industry-leading two-year warranty, and affordable MWIR solutions from the market leader.

Meet the Neutrino Family

Meet the Neutrino Family

Teledyne FLIR has you covered for any MWIR imaging application. Offering SWaP+C optimized VGA, SXGA, and QXGA resolution camera modules, with long-life/low-vibration linear coolers, common camera interfaces, and various continuous zoom lens combinations, Teledyne FLIR’s Neutrino® portfolio provides the best solution available.

Spectral Band
3.4 - 5.1 µm Standard
Thermal Imager
640 x 512, (15 µm pitch) HOT MWIR
System Overview
Size (L x W x H)
15.75 × 7.84 × 10.01 cm (6.21 × 3.09 × 3.94 in)
Connections & Communications
Discrete I/O Controls Available
Primary Electrical Connector
80-pin Hirose (camera), 4-pin Molex (cooler), 6-pin Molex (lens)
RS-232 Compatible Communication
RS-232, Nominal 38400 Baud
User Configurability via SDK & GUI
Yes, Camera only.
Electrical & Mechanical
741 grams
Environmental & Approvals
5% to 95% non-condensing
Non-Operating Temperature Range
-57° C to + 80° C
Operating Temperature Range
-35° C to + 70° C, note this is limited by the lens
Operational Altitude
12km altitude equivalent
40g w/11ms half-sine pulse, 3-axis
5.8grms, 3-axis, 1hr each
FPA Control
Direct Injection Snapshot Prog operation
Programmable Integration Time
Yes (0.01 ms - 16.6 ms)
ROIC Modes
Free run, readout & integration priority
Imaging & Optical
Analog Video Display Format
Yes, accessory board required
BT656 (8-bit)
Yes, accessory board required
Camera Link [16_bit or 8_bit]
Yes, accessory board required
CMOS [16_bit or 8_bit]
CMOS (16-bit, 16-bit color encoded YCbCr, 8-bit)
Color and Monochrome Palettes (LUTs)
Continuous Zoom (digital and analog)
Optical Zoom (lens) and Electronic Zoom (camera)
FPA - Digital Video Display Format
640 × 512
Full Frame Rate
60Hz, adjustable 1Hz to 60 Hz
Horizontal Field of View [HFOV]
1.9° to 27.4° (actively athermalized over the operating temperature range)
Image Optimization - AGC
Histogram Equalization, DDE+
Invert/Revert (analog and 8-bit digital)
Invert/Revert (Yes)
LVDS [16_bit or 8_bit]
NTSC/PAL (field switchable)
Yes, accessory board required
Polarity Control [black hot & white hot]
Sensitivity [NEdT]
< 30mK
Special Features
Active athermalization and auto focus capable
Time to Image
< 4min room temp
Zoom and Focus Controls
EFL_Zoom Range [mm]
19 to 290 mm (± 5%) compact, continuous zoom lens
Input Power
3.3VDC (camera), 12VDC (cooler), 12VDC (lens)
Input Power with Lens
4.75-6.0 VDC Camera, 9-35 VDC Cryocooler
Power Dissipation
<4.5 W (camera/cooler) steady state <1.92 W (lens) steady state <12.0 W (camera/cooler) peak power <3.6 W (lens) peak power
Power Dissipation with Lens
<8 W cooldown, <5 W Steady State
System Interface
USB or UART (camera) RS-232, nominal 38400 Baud (lens)
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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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Neutrino® IS Series - Model: Neutrino LC - CZ 19-290

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