Detect Hazards from a Safe Position


Predict Problems, Avoid Surprises with an MSX®-Enabled Thermal Videoscope

We get it. As a utilities inspector, the last thing you want to do is climb down into an underground electrical vault where there could be energized cables, water intrusion, or other unseen dangers that lead to arc flash. Being able to look down into the vault from a safe distance and not only see hazards like water but also see the hot spots and thermal signs of potential faults is a huge step towards improving your safety, speeding your inspection rate, and improving your peace of mind.


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View thermal findings clearly on the 3.5-inch color display

The FLIR VS290-32 Thermal MSX® Videoscope Kit

This industrial videoscope designed to help professionals like you find hidden dangers in difficult-to-access locations like underground electrical distribution vaults while staying topside—or in some cases, without even removing the manhole cover. With a 2 meter (6.5 foot) probe equipped with both visual and thermal cameras and a built-in LED light, you'll be able to inspect areas that are dangerous, dark, or hard to reach, improving productivity and reducing diagnostic time.



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Start Safely

The VS290-32 features a 160 × 120 thermal imager plus visual camera for FLIR MSX-enhanced images, enabling users to catch hot spots before a failure occurs to maintain uptime.

Stay Above Ground

With the VS290-32, users can inspect the underground electrical vault while it's energized to accurately assess the temperatures of splices and connections. This makes it easier to identify any potential safety hazard or risks of imminent failure in the power distribution network.

Inspect Through the Manhole cover, if you can

The narrow, field-replaceable camera probe provided in the VS290-32 kit is designed to slip through rectangular openings in manhole covers, if available. Additional camera probe shapes and sizes will soon be available for greater compatibility.


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Field-Replaceable Camera Probe

Swap out camera probes or share one probe between videoscope display modules thanks to the VS290's easily-maneuverable, screw-lock probe connector.

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More Options In Development

FLIR is developing additional camera probe tips for the VS290, making it compatible with a wide range of applications. Whether you need a thermal videoscope for electric utility work, industrial applications, or to look inside large gearboxes, motors, attics, or crawl spaces, the FLIR VS290 will be the right choice for fast, accurate inspections.

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